Inside Out

It is no secret that HSF Logistics uses Dolavs. One look at the side of an HSF vehicle makes that clear. A life-sized photo of the inside of the truck adorns the outside causing a double-take. It makes anyone look twice.

HSF Logistics Truck 1 Cropped

HSF Inside out vehicle livery


HSF Logistics use 200,000 Dolav plastic pallet boxes in it business of wholesale meat storage and transport around Europe. The boxes HSF uses are the Dolav Ace 1000, developed by Dolav and HSF in close and successful collaboration. 

"Together we have accomplished a nice innovation, which is of great value to the market. I can also rely on the fact that delivery times are met because we, after all, make clear agreements with each other, " said Simon Fredricks, CEO at HSF. He continued, "I can recommend the pallet boxes of Dolav to anyone. It is as cutting edge as you can get in the market nowadays."