Warranty certificate for Dolav's products:

1. Dolav plastic products cooperative ltd (hereinafter: "Dolav") has the responsibility to the intactness of the products that imported and manufactured by Dolav (hereinafter: "Dolav products"), accordingly to this warranty certificate and for a period of a year from the date of purchase.
2. Dolav declares and undertakes as follows:
2.1. According to Dolav consideration, to repair or replace, at Dolav's expense, any
of Dolav products or part of them, which had been damaged through
production process or has damage parts.
2.2. Provide new and proper spare parts.
2.3. The replaced parts will remain in the hands of Dolav and will consider as Dolav's property.
2.4. It is hereby clarified that the warranty under this warranty certificate does not include things that were not stated explicitly.
3. Dolav's warranty. According this warranty certificate will be limited only to repair or replace Dolav's products and Dolav won't be responsible to any other cost.
4. Dolav undertakes to be accepted a request of repair/replace (within 30 days from the day of receiving the written request (hereinafter: "the request"). As part of the request, the costumer has to present the damaged products and to explain the use he/she made of the products.
The damaged products will transfer to Dolav when they are free from any product or part that does not belong to Dolav.
5. Repair or replace will be done in Dolav factory.
6. The warranty will not apply in the following cases:
6.1. The use of the products was done not according to Dolav's instructions or by people who have not been authorized to use the products.
6.2. The damage is caused by external factors or by overload.
6.3. The costumer replaces parts or tried to repair by himself/herself, without getting Dolav's promotion.
6.4. The damage to the products is caused by an external factor, including: fire, flooding, transport and/or vandalism.
7. Dolav will not be responsible to any damage or lost due to the use of Dolav's damaged products. The warranty is limited only to the value of the products themselves.
8. Dolav will not be responsible to any damage or lost which may be caused due to the use of Dolav's damaged products.